MetLife's Gulf market in the U.A.E. is a key piece of the global marketing strategy, where most insurance products are sold via bank sales reps to the bank's customer base. Sales enablement on the iPad is an expectation for these reps, and the first app MetLife provided them was found lacking compared to the competition. Our internal UX team was called in to overhaul the design on a short timeframe to produce a new kind of sales experience, with engaging interactivity and data viz, plus MetLife's first-ever real-time underwriting capability. The resulting UX has won back the business at risk and now serves as the global MetLife standard for sales enablement.
I served as visual design director for the app's look and feel, and as liaison with MetLife's Gulf team and our agency in Turkey, who helped our U.S. team build out part of this app. I also worked hands-on with parts of the design and traveled to Dubai, U.A.E. to help facilitate a concurrent design thinking workshop with local MetLife team members, bank sales reps and SMEs. 
This app is our internal UX team's biggest achievement of 2019 and is now being extended and customized for use in other MetLife markets globally.
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